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Preformed packaging

If you are looking for a preformed packaging, we recommend our stand-up pouches, sachets and shaped bags. Combined with our expertise in lamination and printing,  these solutions will impress you because of their high-quality look. We can also print your packaging materials with flexographic or gravure printing, laminates from 2 to 5 layers and designs in different shapes. 

Our products can be customized with different materials and barrier layers. 

Preformed packaging by SÜDPACK Grootegast
Stand-Up pouches

Stand-Up pouches

Stand-Up pouches have the unique ability to stand up, providing your pouch packaging  a high-quality presentation at the point-of-sale. 
Combined with the printing benefits of flexible packaging, a Stand-Up pouch is the perfect tool to capture the consumer's attention. Due to their shape and flexibility, this packaging solution takes up less space compared to rigid packaging.

Together with their low weight, Stand-Up pouches are the clear winners in terms of transport and storage efficiency.

  • Easy and efficient storage
  • Pasteurizable or sterilizable (depending on concept)
  • Suitable for liquids and solids
Stand-up pouch SÜDPACK Grootegast
Shaped bags

Shaped bags

Shaped bags offer your product a distinctive and unique look. The differentiation from your competitors is crucial for your brand and is our expertise. We develop a variety of custom-shaped packaging: flow packs, wraps and bags – for any event, festival, holiday or brand.

A few examples of our custom designed shaped bags include: Christmas boots, hand puppets, cars, soccer ball, rockets, trains, flower sleeves, stand-up pouches, tennis rackets or the famous Smurf.

  • Good processability and throughput speed
  • Mono films and duo laminates from many material types
  • Pointed bags are suitable for "Pick & Mix"concept


Shaped bags SÜDPACK Grootegast


Sachets are a great packaging solution for products of little volume, with high sensitivity. Its airtight shape helps fend off oxygen and gas, which can be further enhanced by the use of strong barrier-materials like aluminum or glass.

Their airtight shape also makes sachets surprisingly economical: less packed air requires less material. This is beneficial both for costs and environment. This lean shape makes sachets a specifically great option for small products like seeds, spices, sauces, or samples.

  • Efficient and lightweight
  • Pasteurizable or sterilizable
  • Very suitable for high-barrier applications
Sachets SÜDPACK Grootegast

At SÜDPACK Grootegast we deliver what we promise, both in terms of quality and lead-time.

Henk Edzes
Sales Manager at SÜDPACK Grootegast
Sales Manager at SÜDPACK Grootegast