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Laminated packaging

Decades of expertise with laminated films and our premium selection of European suppliers deliver quality products and incredible freedom of choice. 
With more than 200 concepts we can always find packaging films that suit your product, whether you need high barrier films or foil laminates without a strong barrier.  

Our flexible and laminated packaging films cover a wide range of industries; from food & beverages to technical applications. From agriculture to healthcare, and from pet food to other industries.

Laminated packaging by SÜDPACK Grootegast
Foil laminate (2-layers)

Foil laminate (2-layers)

Our laminated films on reels convince with a high-quality look and feel. In addition, the ability to "enclose" the print in between layers of material, guarantees additional possibilities for personalization and optimization. Our laminated films are able to improve the preservation of your product without any loss of print quality.   It is also possible to laminate a second film that seals at low temperature in order to improve sealing without needing to modify temperature.

  • Great runnability
  • High bond strength
  • Can be microwavable or ovenable
Foil laminate (2-layers) by SÜDPACK Grootegast
Barrier films (3 layers)

Barrier films (3 layers)

2-layer laminates are mostly limited when talking about high barrier properties. 3-layer laminates are the optimal solution when your packaging requires a high-barrier laminate without compromising on runnability, appearance and haptics. Your laminates might need specific properties.

  • Microwave and ovenable
  • Pasteurizable or sterilizable (retort packaging)
  • Optional high or very high barrier properties
Barrier films (3 layers) by SÜDPACK Grootegast

At SÜDPACK Grootegast we deliver what we promise, both in terms of quality and lead-time.

Henk Edzes
Sales Manager at SÜDPACK Grootegast
Henk Edzes at SÜDPACK Grootegast